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My Future By TadiQ

10. 1. 2010

My future
I Hope my future is going to be bright and full of adventure.My imagination tell me that years when i have 20 or more will be a little bit better then now.Now we have cars in ten years we will have a cars that will fligh.This project is called a my future and i will tell you about my future like where i want to work,where i want to live or what countObrázokrys i want to visit.After a secondary school i want to go to the collage in London called Havering Medicin Collage lots of kids from England where i use to live go there because is a school on distinction.This school is in a town called Romford. I would like to go to medicin collage because i want to became a dentist.This was about my collage.I want to marrie when i finish the collage.My partner should be pretty,clever,wise.When i be so lucky i want to visit Australia and St Petersbrough.This are two countrys i want to visit because there something else then London,Amsterdam and anothers big citys in Europe. In Australia is well hot and is the only place where you can see a kangaro,and Russia is a place where is always cold.Thats why i likked this two places.I really want to study English and Latin to get to my barrier and that is dentist.I really want to live in Slovakia,i want to live in a village somewhere quite,full of nature.And i want to work in Slovakia and have a little ordination in city.  Now I want to ask some questions and I want my friend to answer it.

1.What is your name?
2.Where do you live?
3.What country you want to visit when you oldier?
4.What Collage you want to go to?
5.When you want to marrie?
6.How should your partner look like?
7.How many babes you want to have?
8.Where you want to live?  city/village/farm/big city/little town/space station   

Over my work as the dentist i would like to have hobby as DJ,I really like to be a DJ because its fun.Obrázok

My second hobby over the work would be tunning cars and trucks.As you can see at this pictures. 



 By TadiQ     



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